Welcome! I decided it’s about time I share some the things I have learned with the rest of the world. What you will find on this site are things that I either enjoy doing now or have enjoyed at some point in time. Money saving tips, specifically things that aren’t just cheap but are of value. After reading many books and searching around many websites I hope this will be a good summary for people and by all means if you would like to add something be my guest. I should also mention that I probably wouldn’t be writing this if it had not been for Trent Hamm (whom I have never met) and his website www.TheSimpleDollar.com. (I highly recommend this site)

What makes this page different from the countless other blogs out there is that I intend to post only information I believe you will find useful and as such the posts will not have any rhyme or rhythm to when they are posted. I recommend you sign up to get updates via email (click Sign Me Up! on the right side of the page) and bookmark the posts you find particularly useful so you can come back to them.

If this is your 1st visit to my site, I recommend you take the time to read all the posts and feel free to bookmark for future reference.



  1. I just found this to be a good tip from my sister… instead of buying the Boston Globe for your coupons, buy ‘The Sun’ (sunday)… local Lowell newspaper. I believe it costs $1.25… less than half the price of Boston Globe. I usually get them at CVS.


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