Posted by: Alex | May 24, 2010

Saving money by not clipping coupons

This is an in-depth description of how you can use CouponMom to save you time and money. The only other thing you will need is to get your hands on the coupon circulars (SmartSource, RedPlum, Proctor & Gamble are the big three) that are found in the Sunday edition of the Boston Globe. (and possibly other newspapers? – as long as the coupon circulars are the same, then the cheaper you can get your hands on them the better)

1) File Sunday coupon inserts. From now on every time you buy the sunday paper, DO NOT cut out any coupons. Label each coupon booklet with the date of the paper (no need to include year) 3/26 and put the corresponding letter based on the coupon booklet type: RP = RedPlum, S = SmartSource and PG = Proctor and Gamble (there usually come out on the 1st sunday globe of each month). Once you put a label on file it away (I use a monthly system where each folder corresponds to a month and then in that folder I putthe 4 sets of coupon books)

2) Match the coupon to the store sale for the week, this has already been done for you at Depending on which store you want to look at click on the appropriate link below: (click the triangles on the right under the Save % column to sort showing you all the FREE items 1st, or the ones that you can get the cheapest that week)

Stop & Shop

I personally use only the CVS one but others might find more useful.

And now they have an even better solution, a combined list highlighting all the best deals across all the drugstores.

3) Once you select the store and sort on what you can save the most
money on, put check marks in the items you want and more importantly
either print (Display selected deals)
or just write down from which
paper to cut out the coupon. Another feature is to email the displayed list to yourself (and others if you put in comma separated emails)

4) (Optional) The last link here is for if you want to go to BJs (or any other store that couponmom does not have a deal page for), put together your
list, then for each item in that list put it into the search field in
this link and it will tell you from which paper to cut out the coupon:

Grocery Coupon Database


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