Posted by: Alex | May 26, 2010

Save money by buying online

Did you know you can save a lot of money by not going to retail stores? BestBuy, Staples come to mind. I should say that from my personal experience this is particularly true for any electronics but applies to other things as well. Here are the steps I recommend you follow the next time you need to buy anything (food excluded and possibly other things):

1) Sign up to email specials on several sites and keep an eye out for good deals. My personal favorite is Not only are the deals sometimes as high as 90% off retail, it offers FREE Shipping on just about everything and even though it states 5-9 days it usually arrives in 2-3.

2) (Optional – if you are unsure about whether or not to buy it) Search for the item on Amazon to read through the reviews. Another option is to just Google the ‘product reviews’ (where product is the name of what you are thinking about buying) and you are bound to get websites with reviews of the product.

3) Before you buy anything go to Google and type in the name of the site you are about to buy from followed by the words coupon code. (i.e. coupon codes) A good site is A better option which I recently found out about, is a Firefox add on CouponHelper. It basically shows you all the coupon codes available for the site you are considering purchasing from, which in essence saves you the time you would have spent searching for coupon codes. It does the dirty work for you.

Another recommendation I have is to not be afraid to buy refurbished. I have bought several things including the laptop I am writing this on and have been extremely pleased, it’s basically something that works just the same as if it was brand new except it’s not brand new but costs significantly less.


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