Posted by: Alex | February 14, 2011

Buy as part of a group

Now way back when it used to be that you could only get a discount for having a group of 20 people buy tickets at once, and perhaps that is still have case at some ski resorts. What has sprung up recently is a collection of websites that gather people to form these groups and in turn you/I get to be part of a group and reap in the benefits of saving money. So here are the sites you can sign up to receive daily deals on, I believe most if not all of them let you choose which city you live near. In my case it’s Boston.


You might be wondering what kinds of deals you would signing up for, so here is a sampling of ones I have bought: $25 dollars for a $50 gift card to a store, $10 for a $20 Amazon gift card, $7 for a VIP ticket (front of the line admission, skate rental and a drink) to the Frog Pond, $30 for a 6 room house cleaning valued at $150. There are all sorts of deals, ones I did not buy but thought were a great deal were for restaurants, ski resorts including room and tickets, well you get the idea. I say sign up and you never know you might stumble upon something that will save you some money.

Having mentioned all the sites above, there is one that recently changed it’s style and I think for the better. What can be better than getting great deals as mentioned above you ask? Well let me tell you, how about someone giving you money to try out a restaurant or a store, yup that’s exactly what LevelUp will do for you. They give you anywhere from $2 to $25 dollars to try out a place, that’s it no strings attached. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

While we are on the subject of saving money – Entertainment Book – it’s good if you like to be active and explore your city, has a ton of coupons for restaurants and fast food places such as Burger King. I think it retails for $35 but if you are signed up to weekly emails from CouponMom (which I am) you can get it for $20 and free shipping.


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