Random Tips

Shopping at Whole Foods. Did you know if you order a case of any product (i.e. ask a store employee or manager – they will be happy to help you out) you get 10% off.

Have a need to replace small batteries? Take a toy for example, takes 3 1.5 Volt cell batteries. I went to Home Depot and saw 1 for $3.97, quickly realized there must a better way. Amazon.com to the rescue a quick search yielded 10 batteries for $2.26 and Free Shipping. Moral of the story – buying online saves a ton of money.

Shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond? Do not throw away expired coupons you get in the mail, or possibly the Sunday paper. They accept all expired coupons! This means there is really no need to buy anything at full price, you should always have at least a few 20% coupons. Sometimes they send $5 off $15. Regardless you can mix and match, say you are buying 3 things, don’t be shy use 3 20% off coupons.

Shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club? Keep all your receipts, why you might ask, well I will tell you. As was pointed out to me by a helpful employee, it turns out they take coupons after the fact, meaning if you get a coupon either from BJ’s or from the Sunday paper you can walk into the store a few weeks later with your receipt showing that you bought that product and the coupon – they give you back cash. I’d say that’s a very good deal.

I can’t vouch for the website, but I can say that after being signed up to the daily newsletter on HeyItsFree I am convinced to add it as a tip. I’ve already received gift bags from Target valued at $25, coupons, free product samples and am waiting on a couple of luggage tags. Basically each day you get an email with a list of 3-5 ‘free’ things. I am rather selective for what I choose but it takes all of a minute of two and I’d recommend it.


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